Class Guidelines

On Skillshare, we welcome classes across a wide range of categories, including Design, Photography, Business, and many more. 

Skillshare classes are educational, instructional, engaging and demonstrative. The goal of our community is knowledge expansion, and we get there by guiding our users to flex their creative and analytical muscles, engage in genuine interactions with the community and have a safe space to share their work. 


All classes on Skillshare should do the following:


Foster learning for the sake of learning.


We support authentic, inspired learning; all classes on Skillshare are, first and foremost, educational. Classes help students to expand their knowledge, flex their creative muscles, and have genuine interactions in the community rather than promise a specific outcome or monetary reward. See more details in our "Minimum Educational Guidelines" below. 


Include a class project and meet our standards for length and quality.


We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why all Skillshare classes are project-based. Through a minimum of 10 minutes of video content, teachers show students how to complete a fun and engaging project that they can upload to the class project gallery for feedback. To ensure students have the best possible learning experience, we also require all classes to meet our length and quality standards as outlined in the class publishing checklist


Adhere to our Community Guidelines.


We take the safety of our community seriously, which means all classes must meet our Community Guidelines. Teachers must be the primary content producer behind their classes, post legal content, and interact with students and members of our team with respect. Teachers may not publish classes into our Premium catalog that are available for free off of Skillshare (learn more here). 


Minimum Educational Guidelines: 


  • The intention of of Skillshare teachers and students should be an exchange of knowledge, rather than a monetary or other static reward (ex: following count, rank on a platform, number of views). 
  • Classes may not reference monetary compensation in their title or description.
  • Classes must contain an introduction. 
  • Classes must have good audio and visual quality that does not detract from the class content.
  • Classes should not guarantee or promise a specific outcome for students (for example: weight loss, income, rank or follower count on a platform or website).
  • Classes should be made for Skillshare, and not branded for any other online teaching platforms. Teachers should not direct students to competing educational platforms.
  • Classes must be based upon a lesson plan or course outline. Classes may not consist simply of a walkthrough, review or demo of a certain website or tool without any added knowledge-based value from the teacher. Demonstrations must be instructionally narrated by the teacher, and focus on the skills required to complete the class project with specific tips, insights and best practices included. 
  • Classes may not draw from external materials that did not originate with the teacher for a significant portion of the class.
  • Each class or video section should only be uploaded once. Repetitive content may be removed.



Additional Rules on Teaching: 


  • Teachers may upload a maximum of 1 class per week. 
  • Marketing or self-promotion (including business or website logos) of the teacher within the class should be limited to the intro and outro portions of the video only.
  • You are fully responsible for the ownership of the content you share on Skillshare, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for violations of intellectual property rights or impersonation. Even if you own the content that you are publishing to Skillshare, you may not publish classes that you are not directly teaching yourself. This includes, but is not limited to, content that is copyrighted or trademarked by another party and PLR (Private Label Rights) content.
  • If you are teaching as a company or as part of a collective of multiple teachers working together as a single entity, the owner of the account (the individual associated with the email account on file) remains responsible for any account strikes pertaining to policy violations. Please note that Skillshare can not split royalties or referral bonuses between multiple parties. In the event of a disagreement over content ownership between parties, Skillshare will comply with DMCA regulation.
  • You must have the proper authorization for any supplemental material that you’ve included (such as images or music tracks).


Restricted Topics


  • All topics must meet our Community Guidelines.
  • Classes focused on passive income business strategies, or amassing fast followers are not permitted.
  • Classes about dating, romance, or relationships are not permitted.
  • Classes about teaching on other educational platforms are not permitted.
  • Classes that show students how to resell existing products or services (such as drop-shipping or multi-level marketing) are not permitted on Skillshare. 


We believe these guidelines allow us to foster a creative, collaborative, and genuine community for sharing and learning.

In addition to thorough reviews by our team of moderators, reports from our community may be taken into account when determining whether or not a class meets our minimum educational standards. 

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