How Skillshare Promotes Your Teaching

Our members seek and value high-quality class content, and we’re thrilled to showcase the best of our teacher community to new and existing members alike. Read on to learn how Skillshare promotes your teaching within our member community and beyond.

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Promoting Content to our Audience

We regularly promote high quality classes and teachers across a number of different channels.

Onsite Features and Staff Picks

Our Curation team regularly reviews class content across our community and selects high-quality examples to feature on several key locations on our site, such as:

  • The hero banner carousel on Skillshare’s homepage. In addition to high-quality classes, the hero banner also features Skillshare Original classes, Learning Paths, seasonal class collections, and events.
  • The Featured Classes section at the top of every Browse page, which showcases high-quality classes in each subcategory.

Both the hero banner and Browse pages are updated on a rolling basis.

Curation also selects our Staff Picks: unique and impactful classes that we think our members will love. Read our article What is a Staff Pick? to learn more. 

Member Emails

Skillshare sends several regular newsletters to our community of more than 600,000 members highlighting new, popular, and recommended classes based on members’ interests. In addition to these newsletters, Skillshare sends notifications to nurture members through classes, notify them of new classes published by their favorite teachers, and highlight community activity.

Social Promotions and Campaigns

Skillshare’s Brand & Social team regularly partners with teachers and creators on fresh content for our social channels to give more visibility to their teaching, as well as the content we offer on our platform. The Brand & Social team also focuses on ways to regularly engage with Skillshare member and teacher communities through our social channels, multicultural marketing campaigns (Black History Month, Pride, Latine & Hispanic Heritage Month), trending content, and more.

Influencer Partnerships

Skillshare partners with hundreds of influencers across YouTube to share the benefits of Skillshare with their audiences. As part of these partnerships, we encourage influencers to feature 1 or 2 classes or a Learning Path that they are currently enjoying. Our team will also recommend classes to influencers that align with their content, channel niche, and audience interests.

Paid Advertising

Skillshare runs paid advertisements in different marketing channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Apple Search Ads, and others. Besides capturing audiences searching for Skillshare, we run ads on trending searches for categories, tools, and other queries — think “Procreate classes”. We direct those users to landing pages that highlight our top classes in that category.

Skillshare’s Search, Browse, and Recommendations

Skillshare’s recommendation algorithms generate personalized recommendations for individual members throughout their learning journey. New members are shown tailored class recommendations based on their selected topics of interest, which evolve over time as members are active on the platform. We also provide personalized recommendations to surface new and trending classes to members on our homepage.

To ensure content remains fresh in our catalog, when members search for classes, our platform’s search algorithm gives newer classes from the Skillshare community a slight preference. All recently published classes are marked with a “New” badge in search results; currently, the badge remains on new classes for 90 days after launch.

Keep in mind it can take up to a few hours for a new class to show up in Skillshare's catalog.

Optimizing your class title, description, category, subcategory, and related facets helps the right students discover your class when when using Skillshare browse, or through external search engines. You may find these additional articles helpful:

  • Category, Level, and Language describes how you classify your content for Skillshare. These settings help match your content with students' interests and ensure it's easily found on our platform.
  • Class Merchandising and SEO shares specific best practices for optimizing your class content for SEO.

Promoting Your Own Content

While Skillshare actively promotes quality class content, it’s still important to actively promote your class on your own channels, especially in the first few days that your class is on the platform. The more students engage in your class right away, the higher your class will rise in Skillshare’s search results, and the more students on Skillshare will discover it. For tips on how to promote your class, head to Class Marketing 101.