How do I cancel my Skillshare membership if I signed up through the app?

Skillshare is not able to cancel, refund, or manage memberships purchased through the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Uninstalling an app will not stop your membership. You must cancel your membership to end your membership. If you uninstall the app without canceling your membership, you will still be charged.

Additionally, you can contact the app store directly with questions about billing, cancellations, or refunds for your iOS or Android subscription.


For further questions, you can reach out directly to Apple support or Google Play support.



Once you cancel your Skillshare membership, your membership will be active for the remaining days that you have already paid for and you’ll still be able to update your class projects and participate in class discussions. When your membership expires, you’ll lose access to your class videos and any downloadable material provided by teachers at the end of your current pay period, and your membership will not be renewed. You can return at any time.


If you signed up for Skillshare through our website, you can cancel your membership with our guide How do I cancel my Skillshare membership?.