Why can't I receive emails from Skillshare?

If you're not receiving emails from Skillshare, this guide can help troubleshoot missing messages.

Enable email notifications

Review your email notifications settings to see if you've unsubscribed from our emails. To ensure you receive messages from us, turn all notifications on, or contact us if you're having trouble.

Look in your spam/junk/promotional folders

We recommend checking your spam/junk/promotional folders. If you find any Skillshare emails in those folders, check the sender email address and add that address to your allowlist. Adding our email to your allowlist prevents our emails from being marked as spam. The steps to do this are dependent on the email provider, so we recommend contacting your email provider for support on this.

Ensure we have the correct email address

It's possible that we may have an old or incorrect email address. To learn where to find or change the email address associated with your account, go to Account Settings > Email Address.