Why didn’t I receive royalty or referral payments this month?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have received monthly royalty and referral payments. Listed below are the most common reasons and how you can make sure you are paid properly moving forward.

A. You had no new referrals in the past month. We pay teachers on the 16th of each month for all the referrals that occurred throughout the previous month. If you have noticed a dip in your payments, consider continuing to market an older class to drive new referrals. 

B. You did not meet the 30 minute minimum. To receive a royalty payment for the minutes watched in your classes, students must watch a total of at least 30 minutes from your class(es) throughout the month. If you're not meeting this threshold, we recommend teaching another class!

C. You provided free access links for your class(es). Teachers only earn royalties for the minutes watched in a class by subscribing members. To check if you have created free access links for your class, visit the Edit Details page of any class, and click on the Promote tab.

D. You do not have a PayPal email listed in your settings or your PayPal email has a typo. We pay teachers through PayPal. So, if you do not have a PayPal email listed in your settings, or you have an incorrect PayPal email listed, you will not receive payment.  You can easily add or check a Paypal account under the Payments section of your Settings. At the bottom of the page there will be a prompt to input your PayPal account name.



E. Your paypal isn’t working. If you think your PayPal account might not be working, try sending yourself $1 on PayPal and see if it goes through. If not, you can reach PayPal customer support at 1 (402) 935-2050.

F. Your class(es) are in violation our community guidelines. If this is the case, you should have received an email notification from our team with next steps specific to your case.


If you’ve noticed a discrepancy in a payment after 30 days from when that payment was or should have been made, we unfortunately cannot make changes. Please email teach@skillshare with any additional questions.