When and how do I receive payments from Skillshare?

Skillshare issues teacher payments in USD through Tipalti, a worldwide payment platform that handles multiple payment types.

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To learn how to set up your payout settings to ensure you receive payment through Tipalti, refer to the article How do I edit my payout settings?.

Payment Options

The payment options that Skillshare offers teachers through Tipalti are:

  • PayPal

  • Direct deposit / ACH / E-check

  • Prepaid debit card or Intercash (minimum threshold for processing payments is $5.00)

  • Wire transfer


When you set up to receive payments from us you will be presented with the options available to you based on your country of residence — not all payment options are available in all countries. You can also refer to Tipalti’s Payment methods coverage article for a full list of supported payment types by country. Skillshare does not offer checks as a payment option.

Processing Time

We send teacher payments on the 16th of each month through Tipalti. For example, you would receive payments for the minutes watched in your classes and referrals made from July 1st to July 31st on August 16th. If the 16th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, Skillshare will send your monthly payment on the closest preceding business day. 

The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on the payout method you have selected and where the funds are being sent. Below are estimates of when you can expect to receive a payment once it is paid out by Skillshare:

  • PayPal: Within 1 business day
  • ACH (domestic bank transfer): Up to 3 business days
  • E-Check (international bank transfer): Between 3 and 7 business days
  • Prepaid debit card or Intercash: Up to 2 business days
  • Domestic wire transfer: Up to 1 business day
  • International wire transfer: Between 1 and 2 business days

Refer to Tipalti’s Payment methods coverage article for a specific estimate based on where the payment is being sent. Take note that weekends or U.S. holidays may also delay the arrival of payment.

You can confirm whether a payment was issued to you by logging into your Account Settings, navigating to Membership & Payments, and then clicking on Payment History.

There are several reasons why a payment might be missing or delayed — read our article Why didn't I receive a payment this month? to learn more.


Skillshare covers the transaction fees for PayPal, as well as direct deposit (includes ACH and E-check). 

Tipalti charges additional fees for processing payments made through wire transfer or prepaid debit/Intercash — much higher than the costs of other types of payments. You will be responsible for covering the fee if you choose that payment option. If you need additional information on the fees and amounts associated with these payment types, please reach out to teach@skillshare.com.

Additionally, if your payment option requires you to convert your payment in USD to another currency, (i.e., transferring to a non-U.S. bank account) you may incur foreign exchange (FX) fees. Tipalti has helpful messaging to give you a sense of what that might be during registration.


Skillshare is required to maintain up-to-date tax information about its teachers on behalf of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We collect this information when you set up your payment account. Read our FAQ Will I be taxed on my Skillshare earnings? for more information about tax withholding.

For questions about registering with Tipalti or to report technical issues with the registration process, reach out to Tipalti directly using this request form. Be sure to use the email address associated with your Skillshare teaching account and reference Skillshare Teachers in the description.

If you need to address incorrect information associated with your Tipalti account, please reach out to teach@skillshare.com.

Please note that failing to register with Tipalti, providing any incorrect information, or leaving unfinished steps during Tipalti registration will prevent you from earning any teacher payment from Skillshare. Any teacher payments that you otherwise would have earned during the period in which you fail to register fully with Tipalti will be forfeit.
For questions about the status of a payment or to address a payment error, please reach out to teach@skillshare.com. Per our Teacher Rules and Requirements, you have 30 days from the time at which a payment was or should have been made to report any discrepancies — missed teacher payments are not automatically added to your next payout.