How do I update my payment method?

This guide covers changing and removing your payment method if you paid with a credit card.

Changing your payment method

You can update your payment method to pay for a Skillshare membership anytime. By proceeding, you will be sent to our payment provider, Stripe, and agree to the Stripe Customer Portal Terms of Service.

  1. Log in to your Skillshare account
  2. Go to Account Settings and enter Membership & Payments
  3. Click the link under Payment Settings to update your payment method; this will pre-fill the email address tied to your account
    • Note - the email address here must be the same email as the one you used to sign up for Skillshare. You can check the email address on your account on the Email Address page
      • If you don't receive the email, be sure to look in your spam or junk folders
  4. Review your email inbox for an email from "Skillshare, Inc."
  5. Follow the prompts in the billing portal to update your payment method

Removing your payment method

You can only remove your payment method if your membership has fully expired.

If you paid through a credit card, you can remove your billing information by following the same steps (mentioned above) to access the billing portal. Once logged in, remove your payment method by:

  1. Clicking the x icon on the right-hand side