Updating Skillshare’s Browse Experience with a New Classification System (July 2024)

We’re launching major changes to how your classes are organized on Skillshare. A brand new classification system means you’ll be able to find just the right category for each of your classes — making it easier for students to find them.

In this announcement:

What is the new classification system, and why is Skillshare doing this?

As previously announced in our Teacher Newsletter, we’re enhancing the Skillshare catalog with a new and improved classification system! These changes are designed to refine our browse experience, introducing more precise categories and additional facets that enhance both the findability and discoverability of your classes.

We’re excited to launch these key enhancements to improve discoverability across Skillshare:

  • Multiple levels of categorization mean it’s easier than ever for students to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • New categories like Creative Inspiration, Creative Careers, and AI & Innovation to expand the possibilities of what you can teach on Skillshare.
  • You can now add the software or materials students will need to complete your class, allowing students to find classes that match exactly what they’re looking to learn.
  • Classes don’t always neatly fit into just one category. You can now add multiple categories to your class if one just doesn’t cover it.

When will the new classification system be visible on Skillshare?

We’re planning to make the new classification system visible in the class uploader as of July 10th, 2024 for both class drafts and published classes. You’ll get an email from Skillshare when the new system is available and to remind you to review your classes.

We’re aiming to roll out the new system to the Skillshare platform on or around July 15th, so the new categories won’t show up in browse or creative interests you follow until that date.

How do I categorize my classes?

We’ve used an automated tool to take a first guess at which of our new categories each of your classes should belong to, but we need you to take action to ensure your classes are properly categorized.

By July 15th, please review the categorization for each of your Skillshare classes by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Skillshare teaching account.
  2. Navigate to skillshare.com/teaching to view all the classes you’re teaching.
  3. Select the Edit button beside your published classes, and then Class Details.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a new section titled Discoverability & Findability. We’ve auto-assigned a primary category, one subcategory, and one relevant topic to each of your classes. In some cases, we’ve also selected software or materials related to your class. If any of these selections are not correct, feel free to edit the selections as you need.
  5. Once you’ve reviewed your selections, scroll back to the top of the page and click Save and publish.
Each of your classes needs, at minimum, a primary category and one subcategory to be listed on Skillshare.

If more than one category applies to your class, you can now categorize it in several places. You can:

  • Add a secondary category.
  • Add up to 2 relevant subcategories per category.
  • Add up to 7 relevant topics related to your class.
  • Add filters & searchable attributes related to your class, such as software and/or materials.

Whether you review your class or not, the new categorization (including any updates) will go live to students on July 15th. You’ll still be able to make changes after July 15th, but we encourage you to review before then to give your students the best experience at launch.

Have questions or need assistance? Email us at teach@skillshare.com.