Payments and Subscriptions FAQs


1. What is the payment structure for Team plans?

All team plans are billed on an annual basis. For teams of 3-49 users, our Starter plan costs $99 USD per user per year. 

If you are a team of 20+ users, and are looking for to get more information about our Enterprise plan, please request a demo or contact for more information. We will work with your team to develop a package and contract that is customized to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your goals.

You can compare our plans here.


2. Can I pay monthly for a Team plan?

No. All Team memberships are on an annual contract.


3. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, depending on a number of factors. We price on a progressive scale, which means the higher the number of seats, the lower your per seat price. Please request a demo or contact to further discuss our bulk discount options.

We also offer discounts for schools, non-profits, and libraries.


4. Do you work with non-profits, libraries, and/or schools?

Yes! Skillshare for Teams works with all of the above. Want more information? Please request a demo or email


5. Can I switch out seat assignments during my annual contract?

User access can be revoked only when a user leaves the organization. That user’s seat can then be re-assigned to a new employee. With the number of courses on Skillshare (22,000+), we want to ensure a hyper-personalized experience for each user to help surface and recommend relevant courses that are in-line with their learning interests and goals so our seats cannot be rotated.


6. Can I add extra seats during my annual contract?

Yes. You can add seats via the Admin Panel at any time throughout your contract. The cost of any additional seats is prorated to ensure fluidity on your annual contract.


7. Can I be refunded for any unused seats?