What features & benefits are included in Skillshare For Teams plans?

To learn more about the specific benefits and features of our Skillshare for Teams plans, please visit this page.


Here's a quick breakdown of the benefits of a Skillshare for Teams plan: 

  1. Unlimited access to Skillshare's entire database curriculum and community which include over 35,000 classes taught by industry experts across various categories (Business, Creative, Lifestyle, Self Care, and more)
  2. An easy-to-use Admin Panel where you can manage your team, invite users, and add seats at any time
  3. Class + Project model where users can test out their new skill set and receive feedback from colleagues and other students
  4. Engagement tools including project-based courses and our community of industry experts
  5. Personalized discovery algorithms for each profile to surface relevant content
  6. Offline, mobile, and casting capabilities through our Skillshare mobile app
  7. Usage and Engagement reporting