How does Admin access work on Skillshare for Teams?

What capabilities do Admins have?

Admins will have access to a Team Administration page on Skillshare. On the Admin page, an admin is able to manage billing, invite users, assign additional Admin privileges, add seats, and revoke user access.


Is the Team Admin required to occupy a seat on the Team plan?

Yes. The Team Admin is required to occupy a seat on the Team plan so that they can properly manage Team user access. 


Can multiple people have Admin access?

Yes. Once a person has accepted their invitation to join the Team plan, the primary Team Admin is able to grant admin access to other users on the account via their Team Administration page.


Can I add an employee who already has a Skillshare account?

Yes. If a member of your Team already has a personal Skillshare subscription, their personal subscription will be paused for the duration of their time on a Team plan. 


Can I assign courses to specific users through the platform?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, you are able to share courses by email to individual team users via the "Share" feature on a class and you can also add classes to a team member's calendar via the "Add to Calendar" feature on the class page. Classes can be added to Google, Outlook, Apple, and Yahoo calendars.