Skillshare Launches Subtitles in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish (June 2021)

As part of Skillshare’s ongoing effort to foster a global community of creatives, we are offering subtitles on all classes in four new languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. These will be in addition to the existing subtitles available in English. 

What can you expect, and when?

Starting mid-July 2021, students will be able to turn on subtitles in four new languages (in addition to English) on Skillshare classes. The initial four languages will be French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

This will be a phased rollout, with an initial set of classes having the new subtitles available as soon as mid-July, and availability across all classes anticipated in the weeks following. 

Will we offer subtitles in other languages?

For this initial launch of multilingual subtitles, we will start with the four languages that represent a vast majority of our international audience: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. We look forward to offering more languages in the future, especially after we learn from this initial launch. Our goal is to offer an accessible and inclusive experience for our global community of teachers and students, and this is an important step toward that goal. 

How will subtitles be generated?

Subtitles will be auto-generated through machine learning, which is in line with industry practices. We will be monitoring feedback and quality concerns as we get things up and running.

Have further questions or feedback?

As ever, we welcome your feedback, especially as we kick off subtitles. Send your questions and feedback to