Corporate Gift Cards FAQ

How do Corporate Gift Cards work?
Corporate Gift Cards are designed to work similar to any virtual gift card would. Once your purchase is complete, we’ll send you a single link that can be redeemed for the number of memberships you purchased. You can then send the link to the receivers and they can unlock their Skillshare membership – no payment information required.


When do Corporate Gift Cards expire?
All Corporate Gift Cards will expire no later than one year from the date of your link creation.


What lengths of memberships can I purchase with gift cards?
You can purchase a set of 3-month or 6-month gift cards.


What is the difference between buying a set of Corporate Gift Cards and purchasing a Skillshare for Teams plan?
Corporate Gift Cards are short-term, individual Skillshare memberships that are typically given as gifts and the receivers have full control over their Skillshare account.

Skillshare for Teams is for organizations looking to use Skillshare for creative learning and development or as an employee perk. With Skillshare for Teams plans, you can manage your team more effectively, provide guided learning experiences, and get access to reporting on team engagement.


Am I able to pay via credit card for a set of gift cards?
Yes, we accept payment via credit card for Corporate Gift Cards. Payment is also accepted via invoice, wire, & ACH deposit.


Do you offer individual gift cards?
Yes, a single gift card purchase for yourself or a friend can be made by visiting

Can Skillshare help me promote these gift cards?
Yes! We will provide brand assets to help you market your Corporate Gift Cards and ensure timely redemption.