How do I invite users to my team using a CSV?

To invite new users to your team on Skillshare for Teams, you can either enter your users’ email addresses individually on your admin page or you can upload a CSV to invite users in bulk. 


Before you can invite your team members using a CSV, make sure you have: 

  1. Access to an Owner or Admin account on your team
  2. Your CSV with your new users’ email addresses using the format below


Once you're signed into an Owner or Admin account on your team, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "My Teams' in the navigation bar and select the 'Members' panel
  2. Click on the three-dot icon in next to "Team Members" on the Team Administration page
  3. Select “Invite Users Via CSV”
  4. Choose your CSV and select upload


If your CSV was formatted correctly, you’ll see a success message telling you how many new users were invited. You’ll also receive an email from when your list has finished processing and all users have been invited.


If your CSV was not successfully uploaded, make sure your CSV is formatted properly. It should only include one column titled “email” and should contain a list of valid email addresses in the subsequent rows. Here’s an example of what your CSV should look like:




If your CSV is formatted properly and you need support inviting or removing members of your team, please email us at