Tax FAQs

Beginning in 2022, depending on your location, Skillshare will be collecting local tax or VAT as part of your purchase. Below are some questions you may have regarding tax collection:  


Why does Skillshare charge tax on purchases?

Skillshare is required by law to collect applicable taxes including VAT (Value Added Tax), GST (Goods & Services Tax), or other types of sales taxes, which may vary depending on your local, state, and country jurisdiction. 


Which purchases will be taxed?

Prices shown on our website do not include sales tax or value-added tax. Tax and VAT will be collected on all transactions, including initial subscription purchases, subscription renewals or for any other one-off purchases on our website. If you see a tax subtotal then you are in a region where we are legally required to collect and remit tax.


How much will I be charged in tax?

Skillshare determines a member’s tax jurisdiction and applicable tax rate based on a number of factors, including billing and account information. These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements. 

After any Skillshare purchase, you will receive an email receipt which includes the cost of your membership and any tax paid identified separately. If you have any questions about your tax rate after receiving your receipt, please contact us at


Where can I see a copy of my receipt?

You can access the billing history of your Skillshare account at any time. For more information, go here.



Skillshare does not provide tax, legal, accounting, or other professional advice or services. Skillshare’s services are not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, such advice or services. You should consult your own tax, legal, accounting, or other professional advisors for this type of advice or service. Skillshare reserves the right to update its policy to comply with changes in rules or regulations.