Earn From Your Teaching

As a teacher on Skillshare, you earn revenue based on the number of minutes watched by Skillshare members in your classes every month.

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How We Calculate Your Teacher Earnings

Skillshare operates under a subscription model. Members pay an annual fee for a Skillshare membership, which includes unlimited access to our entire catalog of classes and other membership benefits like hands-on projects, teacher feedback, and offline viewing through our mobile app. View the full benefits of a Skillshare membership here.

Teachers are paid each month from the Skillshare Teacher Fund, which is set at the start of each month. The Skillshare Teacher Fund for November 2022 (to be paid out on December 16) will be 1.1 million USD.

Teachers will be paid out from this fund based on the following metrics:

  • Minutes Watched: When calculating how much you will get paid for minutes watched, we take into account several factors tied to the member that watched your class, including things like if a member is using a free trial or the nature of their paid subscription, and other variations in their behavior. This will enable us to align teacher earnings with actual sales revenue.
  • Engagement: Members tell us they desire more teacher engagement, and teachers who do are more successful overall on the platform, so we are going to reward teachers directly who engage meaningfully with their students. To identify the best ways to reward teachers for engagement, we’re taking an adaptive approach designed to evolve over time as member behavior shifts. And, at the same time, we’ll also be building tools to help you track those earnings and enhance engagement.

This model aligns teacher earnings with the class content and onsite engagement our members love and allows us to effectively incentivize and reward teachers in a way that ensures mutual success and growth. Read our announcement, Introducing a New Teacher Payment Model (September 2022), to learn more about the switch to this model and what to expect as we experiment with new ways to earn around engagement.

What You Can Expect About Monthly Earnings

While we do our best to estimate your teacher earnings each month on your Teacher Stats dashboard, the actual payment you receive on the 16th may differ because of these additional factors:

  • Your share of the total minutes on the platform is calculated based on the performance of your classes relative to the performance of other teachers’ classes, in addition to adjustments based on member data, such as price differences by markets, if the member is using a free trial or a paid subscriber, and other variations in user behavior.
  • Our Trust & Safety team regularly conducts fraud investigations among users that may occasionally result in changes to your minutes watched, and thereby, your share of total minutes. To learn more about these fraud investigations and their potential effect on your minutes watched, review the article Why did my minutes watch decrease?

With some exceptions (see below), you’ll receive your monthly payment on the 16th of each month through Tipalti. Review our article When and how do I receive payments from Skillshare? to learn more about payment options, processing time, and more through Tipalti.


  1. You must accrue a minimum of 75 total minutes watched by members across all of your published classes in such month in order to receive a payment for that month.
  2. Trailer minutes do not count toward your monthly payment as all class trailers are available to watch for free.
  3. Minutes watched by students through a free access link or during a free trial do not count toward your payment.

Tracking Your Earnings

Your Teacher Stats dashboard is an overview of activity and earnings for your teaching on Skillshare. Visit Where can I find information on my class performance and earnings? for a detailed breakdown of the information displayed on this dashboard.