Earn Referral Bonuses

As a teacher, you can earn an additional bonus payout for each new subscribing member you bring to Skillshare.

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How Skillshare Referrals Work

Every new class you publish on Skillshare has a unique class referral link that you can share with your followers outside of Skillshare. Wherever you promote your class — on social media, via email, on your blog, or elsewhere — you can use your referral link and earn a bonus every time someone signs up for Skillshare.

Also, when you become a teacher on Skillshare you are also automatically granted a channel referral link, which gives you the benefit of being able to market all of your classes at once through your profile page.

People who click your referral links and sign up get a free one-month trial to try out Skillshare. Even if they opt to cancel their Skillshare Membership before they receive their first full charge a month later, you’ll still get your referral bonus.

You’ll receive your payout for earned referral bonuses on the 16th of each month through Tipalti.

Class and channel referral links are unique to you and they look a little different than the regular URL for your class. Be sure you’re using the right one when marketing your class so you can earn the referral bonus! Here are two examples:

Class referral link: https://skl.sh/2FZHZ1O

Channel referral link: https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/teachonskillshare

In terms of earning the referral bonus, it doesn’t matter what link you use — the payout is still the same regardless if you use a class or your channel referral link.

Heads up! Effective April 1st, 2022, teacher referral bonuses are changing. Rather than earning a flat $10 bonus on each referral, teachers will earn a bonus equal to 60% of that student’s first subscription payment. For more information on why we’re making this change, review our announcement Important Updates to Skillshare Teacher Payments (January 2022).

How to Find Your Referral Links

For step-by-step instructions on how to find either your class or channel referral links, refer to the article Where can I find my referral links?.

Tracking Your Referral Earnings

Your Teacher Stats Dashboard

Your Teacher Stats dashboard shows your total earned revenue — royalties and referrals — across all of your classes since you started teaching on Skillshare. You can also view your projected referral earnings for the previous month, as well as an earnings breakdown for all previous months.

Your Referrals Dashboard

Your Referrals dashboard shows details on your referrals, in addition to your channel referral link. Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard to see your referral history, including the cumulative number of referrals and earnings. The table at the bottom of the dashboard shows additional details about each referral, including the student’s name, the source (whether it was your channel referral link or one from a specific class), the payout status, and the net amount.