Category, Level, and Language

Taking time to accurately classify your Skillshare content helps match it to students’ interests and ensures it’s easily found on our platform.

In this article:

The Class Details page for each of your classes contains a number of key settings that you should adjust to ensure your class is reaching the right audience.

Class Language

We accept classes taught in English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish. Keep in mind the default language in Skillshare’s class uploader is English.

Class Level

Choose the skill level for your class to help students find content that is best suited for their existing knowledge and skills. This increases your likelihood of reaching the right audience and receiving positive class reviews. Keep these definitions in mind when selecting your level:

  • Beginner: No prerequisite knowledge or techniques are required to follow the class lessons or complete the project.
  • Intermediate: Some prerequisite knowledge is required or would be helpful for students to get the most out of the lessons.
  • Advanced: Significant prerequisite knowledge is required for students to follow and learn from the class.
  • All-level: Suitable for any level, either because the class is complete and comprehensive or the topic does not have a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level (e.g., productivity, journaling, travel, and wellness).

This level will appear to students on the About and Reviews tabs of your class. Keep in mind that once your class earns at least five student reviews, the level will recalibrate and display an average result based on all of the level selections from your students, as well as your own.

Discoverability & Findability

Skillshare’s classification system is designed to refine our browse experience, introducing more precise categories and additional facets that enhance both the findability and discoverability of your content on Skillshare.

For each of your classes, choose a primary category from the dropdown menu on the Class Details page. Based on your selection, the associated subcategory dropdown will appear. For each primary category you may choose up to 2 related subcategories.

Each of your classes needs, at minimum, a primary category and one subcategory to be listed on Skillshare.

To increase the discoverability of your classes on Skillshare, you can:

  • Add a secondary category.
  • Add up to 2 relevant subcategories per category.
  • Add up to 7 relevant topics related to your class.
  • Add filters & searchable attributes related to your class, such as software and/or materials.

Accurately classifying your class will ensure that your content is relevant to students.