What is a Staff Pick?

The Staff Pick badge is a way for the Skillshare team to highlight exceptional classes that go above and beyond to provide students with a valuable, engaging experience. Our Curation Team selects Staff Picks based on quality, topical relevance to the Skillshare audience, and editorial criteria related to Skillshare’s pedagogy and brand identity. Every Staff Pick is an excellent class, but not all excellent classes are Staff Picks. You’ll be notified if your class has been selected!

While there’s no specific formula, here are eight principles that our Curation Team keeps in mind when selecting Staff Picks:


  • The class is insightful and accurate — not superficial.
  • The teacher has subject matter expertise and brings their unique perspective to the class topic.
  • A variety of information is presented (e.g. stats, tools, tips, tricks).
  • Narration emphasizes why over what.


  • The class is engaging, authentic, and connects with students.
  • The teacher speaks to students with warmth and respect, has an inviting demeanor, and uses references to personal experiences and/or examples.


  • The teacher situates insights in a wider context. Students are empowered with strategies, not a step-by-step tutorial.
  • The class emphasizes a technique or framework to empower students.
  • Lessons include examples, demonstrations, and case studies.
  • There is a clear and engaging project prompt.


  • The class contains clear signals and sequences, and the pace matches the level.
  • The class includes clear lesson titles.


  • The class makes a great first impression.
  • The title and class description are both accurate and compelling.
  • Class copy is free from typographical errors.
  • Links are clean for easy user navigation.
  • The narration is organized and concise, and students can take confidence that the teacher has invested effort and is a trusted guide.

Clear Value Proposition

  • The class includes clear titles, takeaways, and target audiences.
  • A clear class title, description, and introduction video clarifies what students will learn, why it is valuable in a larger context, and who the class is for.
  • The class delivers what it promises.


  • The class covers a topic that is relevant to a wider industry or audience conversation.
  • The class focuses on the details that are relevant to the field of focus.
  • The class features an up-to-date aesthetic and consistent design throughout the content, presentation, and resources.


  • The class is visually-dynamic and inspiring.
  • The class includes regular visual changes.
  • The class has a motivational style.
  • Lessons are cohesive and inspiring.

Curious what a Staff Pick looks like? Check out a few below: