Choose Your Class Topic

Every teacher brings something special to Skillshare and we encourage you to teach your passion. If you’re struggling to figure out what topic to teach, here are some strategies you can try to help you decide.

Learn What Topics Work for Skillshare (and Which Don’t)

Skillshare students are eager to learn from new teachers who bring a unique style and perspective. So we encourage you to teach on a topic you're passionate about. Our primary focus as a learning community is creativity and so many of our more popular classes are creative in nature. That said, a variety of topics are welcome, and as Skillshare grows, so does our audience. We see new topic areas growing in popularity all the time!

Our In-demand Topics list is the most up-to-date reference of the most popular topics searched in our catalog. Conversely, our Restricted Class Topics list outlines what topics are not permitted on Skillshare. 

Teach What You Know

It's best to keep your class focused on a specific subject that you know well and are confident sharing.

Put Yourself in Your Students’ Shoes

Ask yourself, “What would I have loved to learn when I was new to this?” What did you find tricky or really confusing when you were first getting started in your practice? Not only will this give you a topic you know a lot about, but it will also help you find an audience that’s hungry to learn it.

Listen to Your Audience

Listen to the people around you that support your work. Have you made something that you get a lot of compliments on from friends or family? Or are a lot of fans or clients asking you, "How did you do that?" Those questions could point to an interesting and relevant topic.

Start With the Project

As you’re thinking about topics, consider the project you’ll have your students create. Look to your own work or accomplishments for inspiration. Is there something you’ve made that you’re particularly proud of? This approach will also help you focus your class, covering just the skills students will need to complete the project.

Examine Your Topic Through Our Staff Pick Principles

Consider how your topic aligns with our Staff Pick principles — or what makes an exceptional class — to help you determine how successful it will be with your audience. If you’ve got a list of topic ideas, ask yourself:

  • Demystifying: Which of these topics explains or demonstrates a skill that may seem intimidating at first?
  • Actionable: Which of these topics has a strong value proposition and clear takeaways for the student?
  • Personal: Which of these topics am I most passionate about teaching?