Interruption in Teacher Referrals from India (January 2022)

Due to some recent updates to banking regulations in India, new students residing in India are unable to access a free trial of a Skillshare membership through teacher referrals.

We realize this interruption impacts our teacher community and how you refer new students to your classes on Skillshare. We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions below to help you navigate this temporary interruption.

If a student in India signs up for Skillshare using my referral link, will I still receive referral revenue?

Yes, you will still receive revenue from your referrals for each new student that signs up for a discounted membership through your referral link.

What is Skillshare offering instead if free trials are not available to students in India?

As an alternative to a one-month free trial, Skillshare is offering those referred students in India a 30% discount on a one-year Skillshare membership. When a student in India clicks on your referral link and decides to take advantage of the referral offer, they will be directed to a payment screen to finalize their transaction for a one-year membership. The 30% discount will be automatically applied to their purchase at checkout.

When do you anticipate Skillshare will be able to resume offering free trials for referrals from India?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a timeframe for when we will be able to resume offering free trials to referred new students from India. We’ll be offering discounted memberships to those students until further notice.

What messaging should I use when promoting my class using my referral link?

We appreciate teachers wanting to be clear about what their referral offers! Given this is a temporary situation we recommend that you continue promoting your class and channel using your referral links and messaging as usual. New students living outside of India are not affected by this banking regulation, and will still receive a one-month free trial when they sign up through your referral link. We are providing messaging to guide students from India through this change.

What if I have additional questions?

Reach out to anytime if you have questions about referrals. You can forward any student questions to Skillshare’s Member Support team at — we’re happy to help!