What can I do if my Skillshare class is hosted on another site without my permission?

Skillshare takes the intellectual property rights of our teachers very seriously, and we employ industry standard protections for teacher content on the platform. However, we are aware of sites that fraudulently share Skillshare classes without the teacher's permission.

Our Trust and Safety team logs official complaints against these sites, but we encourage teachers to take action and protect their intellectual property by submitting a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown request to the website’s host. As the copyright holder of the class content, you have the underlying responsibility to report such behavior and protect your intellectual property.

To learn more about what a DMCA takedown request is and a general outline of how to file one, refer to the linked article in our Resources section below. We also recommend you seek legal advice if you have questions about your ownership of the intellectual property and your enforcement rights.

Keep in mind you should never have to pay to have your content removed from another site.

If you discover your Skillshare content has been uploaded to another site without your permission, in addition to filing a DMCA takedown request, you can report it to Skillshare by emailing dmca@skillshare.com. We appreciate being notified of content piracy as it helps us be more vigilant in protecting your content on our platform.