How do I invite users to my team?

Ready to get your team learning on Skillshare? There are three easy ways to invite your team members to join:

1. Sending individual invitations

You can add an individual user to your team by clicking on the "Invite Team Members" button in the top right corner and entering the email address. To send multiple invites at once, you can copy and paste all of the email addresses in the same field. 

*Note: You may receive an error if the invited member has previously been invited. If that happens please use the resend pending invitation functionality as described here.


2. Sending Bulk invites

Simplify the team invitation process by mass inviting users to your Team account. You can do this by uploading a CSV file of the users you'd like to add.

Uploading the CSV

Prior to using this tool, you will need to have a CSV file prepared with a list of unique email addresses for your team members. No first or last names are required, only email addresses. Be sure to check for duplicates! 

You can use this CSV template as a reference. Once your CSV file is prepared, select the "Invite Users with CSV" option after clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Team Administration page. For more information on CSV upload, read this article.


3. Sending via an invitation link

In some cases, you might want personally reach out to invite your team members. To do this, you can manually share the invitation link with a team member by selecting the user and clicking on “Copy Invite Link.” Once copied, you can send that in a personal email or message to the individual you'd like to join.