What is Insights?

Insights is our in-app reporting tool to help give Admins better insight into how their team uses Skillshare. You can check out the Insights section in the left-hand pane of your Team Administration hub, which can be found by selecting "My Team" in the navigation bar.

Onboarding Funnel

At the moment, Insights displays an interactive onboarding funnel, available for all plan types. Only Admins and Owners can access this. The onboarding funnel shows you a high-level snapshot of license redemption and learning activity on the platform. The four (4) main sections of the onboarding funnel can be seen below:

  • Total Seats: Number of seats that have been purchased under your account.
  • Invitations Sent: Number of invitations that have been sent out.
  • Members Joined: Number of team members that have accepted their invitation to join the team and have created their individual accounts.
  • Active Members: Number of team members that have viewed content since account creation.



We are currently working on bringing new insights and advanced reporting capabilities to life--stay tuned for more in upcoming releases.