Creative Ideas for Class Marketing

Looking for more ways to market your class and grow your following? Our most successful teachers use many different tactics to get the word out about their classes.

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Permanently Feature Your Classes on Your Website or Blog

Adding links to your classes on your website or blog is one of the easiest ways to continually attract new students, forever. Top Teacher Ann Shen has a dedicated page on her website that features her Skillshare classes and she uses her class referral links to direct students back to Skillshare to sign up.


Have too many links to promote at the moment? Try using a third-party link organizer to put all of your important links (including your Skillshare class) into your social channel bios.

Post Your Intro Video to YouTube

Try posting your intro video to YouTube so more potential students can learn about your class. Or better yet, create bonus content like Denise Soden as a complement to your classes on Skillshare. Optimize the video for search and discovery by including key search words in the video title. And be sure to link back to your Skillshare channel with your general referral link in the video description.


Add Your Referral Link to Your Email Signature

Follow Top Teacher Jen Dixon and put your general referral link in your email signature. This way, anyone you communicate with via email will have a chance to check out your Skillshare classes.



Give a Shout Out in Your Email Newsletter

Top Teacher Cat Coquillette frequently features her new classes in her monthly newsletter. Direct messaging paired with a simple call to action (e.g., “Join me on Skillshare and get one month free — access my class and thousands more!”) can help draw a lot of new students.



Leverage Your Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to share professional wins — including your Skillshare classes! Take Top Teacher Cé Marina’s example and post about your latest classes and other Skillshare activities on your LinkedIn profile. It’s also a great idea to add your current projects and teaching experience to LinkedIn too.



Share a Milestone on Social Media

Top Teacher Tom Froese used Instagram to share a milestone in one of his classes — 1000 students! He also used the opportunity to promote the class after launch by sharing a selection of student projects from the class. This is an especially smart way to market a not-so-new class.



Other Ideas

  • Take time to generate some pre-launch buzz around your class by posting teaser posts and behind-the-scenes content. If you have more than 10,000 followers, use the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram so you can use your class or general referral link to direct your followers to Skillshare.
  • Reach out to blogs, influencers, and organizations who might be interested in featuring your class. Perhaps your friends don’t share your passion — so find people who do! Do some research to identify 5-10 blogs, organizations, or individuals with a strong social presence who you think might be interested in sharing your class with their own community.
  • Create a free access link to encourage your friends, family, and followers outside of the Skillshare community to take your class. An initial boost of student activity can help it trend in Skillshare’s catalog. To learn more about how to create a free access link for your class, refer to the article Can I make my class available for free?
Remember that students who sign up through your class or general referral links get one month free of a Skillshare membership, which can be a helpful incentive to offer your future students. Refer to the article Earn Referral Revenue to learn more.


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