Achievements FAQ

What are Skillshare Achievements?

Skillshare Achievements are a new way to mark your progress and celebrate your creative accomplishments. You'll earn achievements for the learning you're already doing on Skillshare. It's a fun way to see your activity over time and stay motivated to hit your next big milestone.

What kind of achievements can I earn?

Badges are awarded when a member completes a specific action or a certain number of actions. Check out the badges you have earned and learn about the next badges you could earn on your Achievements dashboard.

Class certificates are awarded every time a member completes a class and submits a project for the same class. Check out the certificates you have earned on your Achievements dashboard

How do I earn badges?

There are three types of badges: Lifetime, Milestone, and Community.

Lifetime badges are earned for engaging in the core learning experiences on Skillshare and can be earned every time you complete the required action. For example, you earn the Complete a Class badge every time you complete a class.

Milestone badges are earned as you reach specific milestones in your engagement with the core learning experiences and can only be earned once. For example, you’ll earn the Submit 3 Projects badge after you submit three different class projects. 

Community badges are earned for engagement with other users on Skillshare and can only be earned once. For example, you’ll earn the Follow a Teacher badge after you follow a teacher.

To learn more about all of the actions you can take to earn a badge, check out the Achievements dashboard. Plus, stay tuned to your dashboard for new badges you can earn.

How do I earn class certificates?

A class certificate is earned after a member watches all of the lessons in a class and submits a project for the same class. Members earn a class certificate for each class and project they complete. The class certificate shows the name of the member who earned the class certificate along with the class title, issue date, teacher, class length, and unique certificate ID. If the member name on the class certificate is incorrect, edit your name in your profile.

How can I share certificates?

  1. Sign into your Skillshare account, go to your profile, and click on Achievements
  2. Choose which certificate you want to share
  3. Click on the Share button
  4. Click on the platform you want to share on, or copy the link to the certificate.

Why don’t I see achievements awarded for all of my past activity?

Skillshare Achievements are designed to encourage you to make progress on your individual learning goals. Skillshare first started awarding badges in late 2022 and will not be awarding badges for activity completed prior to that date. In early 2023, Skillshare awarded class certificates for historical learning activity and notified members of the certificates they had earned. Note that in some cases, historical learning activity may be missing or incomplete for a variety of reasons, resulting in a certificate not being awarded. Your profile will continue to show your learning stats, including hours spent, projects submitted, and discussion posts.