Search FAQ

Where are the Search filters?

Search filters are now located behind a drawer and can be accessed by clicking the Filters button. This is only available in web and mobile web and not on our mobile apps yet.

What are the new filters?

Class type - Top Teacher: Allows you to narrow down to classes that are produced by Skillshare’s most engaging teachers

Classes with - Resources: Makes it easy to find hands-on, practical classes that have downloadable resources that complement the class or support you as you finish your project.

Publish date: Allows you to find classes published in a specific time range.

Class Language: Allows you to find classes in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

Class Ratings: Allows you to narrow your search results based on the class rating. The ratings are generated from student reviews on a class and range from 1 through 4.

Why did Skillshare update their search experience?

We’re always working to enhance the product experience for our members. Whether you're looking for the newest classes in intermediate watercolor, or you're trying to get your hands on a Top Teacher graphic design class in Spanish, our new search lets you find the classes you’ll love in a fraction of the time.

What do the numbers next to filters mean?

The numbers indicate how many classes match the search criteria. These values update in real time as you apply additional filters. Filters that may lead to no results are grayed out.

What are the different sort options?

Relevance: This is the default sort that takes into consideration text relevancy, class quality, as well as engagement with classes.

Newest Classes: Use this sort option to find recently published classes related to the search term.

Number of students: This option reranks classes in decreasing order of student enrollments showing the most popular classes first.

Why do I see different results when searching in another language?

To improve the search experience across different languages, the search results are reranked to boost classes in the user's selected language. As an example, when searching in Spanish language, classes that have audio in Spanish will rank higher than classes that have audio in English.