How 1-on-1 Sessions Work

Unblock your students with 1-on-1s! Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions are a new offering from Skillshare that enables teachers to deliver personalized coaching or advice to anyone through a private, 1-on-1 video call.

In a 1-on-1 Session, you can offer:

  • Personalized and direct instruction: Students are looking for a different way to learn or more advanced learning than what you offer in your classes.
  • A gut check: They want a second pair of eyes on a portfolio, or on their work, or they’re just looking for assurance that they’re on the right path.
  • Direction and momentum: Some participants of previous 1-on-1 Sessions told us they felt they had the skills and had some work under their belt, but needed guidance on what to do next.

Here’s how 1-on-1 Sessions work:

  • 1-on-1 Sessions are hosted on Superpeer, a platform Skillshare acquired in March 2024 to integrate into our existing tools for teachers. At this time, only Superpeer’s 1-on-1 Sessions feature is integrated into the Skillshare platform.
  • As a teacher, you decide what kind of sessions you want to offer. You can offer a 1-on-1 Session on any topic as long as it follows our Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions and Live Sessions Content Guidelines. The most common types are personalized creative instruction, portfolio review, business coaching, and career development. We recommend that you offer no more than 3 different sessions and give each of them a clear and distinct focus. 
  • You also set your own lengths, prices, and availability. Each session is generally 30-60 minutes in length and typically costs anywhere from $50 to $250 USD.
  • For each booked 1-on-1 Session on Superpeer, we apply a 10% platform fee plus applicable transaction fees. Please review our dedicated article, How do I receive payment for my 1-on-1 Sessions?, for details on Superpeer’s payout provider, fees, and payout process.
  • Participants do not need to have a Skillshare membership or a Superpeer account in order to book a 1-on-1 Session.

Want to start hosting 1-on-1 Sessions? Check out our instructions for getting set up on Superpeer in our article, How can I start hosting 1-on-1 Sessions on Skillshare?.

Want to learn more about how to host 1:1 Calls on Superpeer? Sign up for a live demo.

Or review our 1-on-1 Sessions FAQ for a list of common questions from members.