Promote Your 1-on-1 Session

We want your 1-on-1 Sessions to be a success – and promoting your sessions to your creative community will be a key part of that success! Read on to learn specific suggestions and examples to make your marketing as effective as possible.

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Set Up Your Profile

Before you start promoting your sessions, take some time to set up your profile to emphasize your credentials and expertise — in other words, why someone should trust you for a 1-on-1. Our recommendations: 

  • Add a profile picture that matches your Skillshare profile for consistency.
  • Use the About section to share a summary of your credentials, background, or any relevant experience. Formatted links, such as to your website, are optional, but recommended!
Check out how Top Teacher Fred Trevino (left) and Delisa Lopez (right) present their bios — both on their Skillshare profile page and on — to establish credibility and trust.
Your profile is visible only if you’re offering more than one session on Skillshare. If you’re offering just one 1-on-1 Session, users will automatically bypass your profile page and will be redirected to the session itself.

If you decide that you’d like to offer another type of 1-on-1 Session, please notify us as soon as you’ve added the new event to your account so we can set up the automated workflows on our end.

Develop Your Promotional Messaging

Before you start promoting your 1-on-1 Sessions, it's important to be specific about what you're offering, and why it will be impactful for others.

Review our tips for developing a strong value proposition in our article, Plan Your 1-on-1 Session. Ensure the core elements of your value proposition, such as who you’re trying to target and how they will benefit, is included in any messaging you use to promote your 1-on-1 Session.

Where to Promote

Once you’ve developed your promotional messaging, you’re ready to start sending announcements and ongoing reminders to your audience about your 1-on-1 Sessions.

Here’s where we recommend promoting:

  • The discussion announcement tool on your Skillshare profile to reach all of your current Skillshare followers. Select “Email all followers” when creating your announcement.
  • Discussion posts on your most popular or related Skillshare classes to reach all of the students who have taken these classes. Select “Email all students” when creating your posts.
  • Social media
  • Email newsletter
  • Your website or blog
  • Direct outreach to students who have posted a question in one of your Skillshare classes or sent you a DM for help on social media

When to Promote

Once your 1-on-1 Sessions go live on your Skillshare profile, we recommend announcing the new offering to your community across all of your channels. Because 1-on-1 Sessions are a higher price offering that require more consideration and exposure on the part of students before they’re ready to purchase, it’s important to continue your promotion beyond your initial announcement. We recommend sharing a few reminders to your community within the first month that your sessions are live, while also considering how they fit into your broader set of offerings.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to promote your 1-on-1 Sessions on their own — you can mention them as an extension of other things you are offering to your community, such as your Skillshare classes.

Here’s a sample timeline of what your 1-on-1 Session promotion could look like. Tailor it based on your own channels and the other offerings you are planning to promote. The key is integrating your 1-on-1 Sessions into your communications in an ongoing way to firmly establish them as a part of your teaching brand.

Week 1

  • Announce that you’re now available for 1-on-1 Sessions through a discussion announcement from your profile, an Instagram Post and Stories, and an email to your subscribers.
  • Add your 1-on-1 Sessions to your website and any other “set it and forget it” channels like your link in bio.

Week 2

  • Check your social DMs and the discussion tabs of your Skillshare classes for students who have messaged you with questions that relate to topics you’re covering in your 1-on-1 Sessions. Follow up with these students directly to let them know about your new offering.

Week 3

  • As a part of an Instagram Post or Reel showcasing something new you’ve created, mention that you can help students with their own work or portfolio through your 1-on-1 Sessions.

Week 4

  • As a part of a new class announcement from your Skillshare profile, mention that students can get extra support on the topics covered in your class by booking a 1-on-1 Session.

Week 5

  • In an email to your subscribers, highlight your new class and share a reminder about your 1-on-1 Sessions, including a personal anecdote or commentary on why you’re excited to be connecting with students in this more personalized way.

Week 6

  • Create a series of Instagram Stories showcasing the different topics you’re available to cover in your 1-on-1 Sessions, why you’re excited about them, and what you expect students to take away. If you’ve already hosted a session, talk about how much you enjoyed the experience, or share a testimonial from a previous session.

After your first 6 weeks, keep mentioning your 1-on-1 Sessions on a regular basis so that the opportunity stays top of mind for students who are thinking about signing up. Consider moving the promotion of 1-on-1 Sessions into your “always on” social content schedule to create a steady drumbeat of reminders. Every 2 weeks would be a good place to start, and you can evaluate if the frequency works for your community over time.

Some teachers with limited availability have chosen to set a cap on the number of sessions that can be booked with them per month and have successfully leveraged this to motivate students to sign up before the spaces fill up. If you are only interested in or available to meet with a certain number of students per month, consider formalizing this within Head to the Limits tab of each of your Event Types and update the Limit booking frequency section. You can also update the Limit future bookings section if you’d like to open up just one month of your calendar at a time.

And, if you decide to limit your bookings, highlight the limited number of spots you have available when you promote your sessions to your community (e.g. “I’m opening up 5 1-on-1 spots this month — book soon to claim your spot!). Check out Top Teacher Ohn Mar Win’s discussion announcement as a great example.


Examples of Teacher Promotion We Love


Top Teacher Tom Froese created a dedicated page on his website to promote his 1-on-1 Sessions. He does an awesome job of clearly laying out the 6 areas he’s available to cover, plus adds testimonials to show the value of what he’s offering.


We love this Reel that Top Teacher Marie-Noëlle Wurm shared on Instagram. She speaks directly to the camera about what she’s offering in her 1-on-1 Sessions and what she hopes students will get out of it; the personal and authentic format is a great way to demonstrate what a 1-on-1 Session would be like.


Top Teacher Ohn Mar Win included a testimonial from a past 1-on-1 Session student in this discussion announcement. She also used it as an opportunity to ask students to help her decide what to teach in her next class.

Skillshare Copy Guidelines

When referring to 1-on-1 Sessions in your copy or images, make sure to reference this offering by its full name: Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions, where possible.


Participant Feedback and Testimonials

Each participant you meet with will automatically receive an email after your 1-on-1 Session with a link to a brief survey. As a part of the survey, participants are asked if Skillshare has their permission to share their responses with you. If they give their permission, we will email you their responses. In our email to you, we will also indicate if the participant has given their permission for you to use a quote from their feedback as a testimonial in your marketing materials.