Gift Memberships FAQ

A gift membership is a non-renewing membership, which gives the recipient access to unlimited creative learning on Skillshare during the membership term.

Where can I purchase a Skillshare Gift Membership?

You can purchase Skillshare Gift Memberships here: At this time, gift memberships can only be purchased if you're located in the United States.

If you're looking to purchase 10 or more gift memberships at a time, check out our Corporate Gift Cards.

Do gift memberships automatically renew?

No. If the recipient wants to continue their Skillshare membership after the term expires, they can elect to subscribe to monthly or annual membership.

How will my recipient find out about their gift membership?

After you purchase a gift membership, Skillshare will send you an order confirmation email with details you can share with the recipient. You can elect for your recipient to receive their gift membership instantly or on a future date of your choosing. On the date you’ve chosen, Skillshare will send an email to your recipient, providing a redemption code and instructions for how to access their gift membership.

How do you redeem a Skillshare Gift Membership?

To redeem your Skillshare Gift Membership, simply click Redeem Now in your email, Sign in or create account and select the Redeem button.

Can I redeem a Skillshare gift membership if I'm already a Skillshare subscriber?

If you are already subscribed to Skillshare, your membership period will be extended by the duration of the time listed in the gift membership, upon redemption.

Can I redeem more than 1 gift membership at a time?

Yes, you can redeem multiple Skillshare gift memberships at one time. Each redemption will extend your Skillshare membership period.

Do Skillshare gift memberships expire?

A paid, standalone gift membership does not expire. The subscription of the gift recipient will start on the day that they redeem the membership and it cannot be paused once it is redeemed.

Can I request a refund on a gift membership I purchased?

As per our terms, gift memberships are not refundable except as required by applicable law.

Can I redeem a gift membership on the Skillshare mobile app?

At the time, mobile app stores do not support Skillshare Gift Memberships redemptions. You can redeem the gift membership while on a desktop or mobile website, and then utilize the Skillshare app  on the account you created.

If you previously had a Skillshare membership from the app store, you will need to cancel your existing membership and redeem the Gift Membership from a web browser.