Step-by-Step Uploading Guide

Once you have all your materials ready, you can publish your class! These instructions are written for a desktop computer — you cannot create and publish a class through the Skillshare app.

  1. Log in to your Skillshare account and start a new class draft.
  2. In your class draft, you’ll upload your videos first. Scroll down and then click the gray Upload Videos button to begin.
  3. Select the video files you wish to upload. Some tips to keep in mind:
  4. Once you select the file(s) you wish to upload, your files will begin uploading. Your videos need to be encoded — or processed — in order to be viewed on our platform.
    • While your videos are processing, you can move to the next section of the class draft, Class Details (or Step 9 of this walkthrough), to start uploading the other components of your class.
    • If your videos seem to be stuck in processing for longer than 30 minutes, refer to our article Why are my videos taking a long time to process? for tips on how to prevent or resolve this.
  5. When an image from each video appears, your videos are fully processed. At this point you can add the title for each lesson: click the pencil beside the video file name in the class draft and type or paste in the title.


  6. Finally, add your class cover image by clicking the image icon on the first video in your class. Refer to our article Why Cover Images Matter for tips on selecting a high-quality cover image that best represents your class.

    Adding cover images to your other lessons is optional since they are only visible for a brief moment by viewers. If short on time, we recommend just focusing on crafting or selecting a visually-compelling class cover image instead.
  7. In the side menu, click Class Details.
  8. On the next screen, first, select the language you are teaching your class in. This information will help us accurately translate your class for students around the world.
  9. Then, type or paste in your class title, class description, and project description in the appropriate fields. All of these fields are required.
    • Refer to our article Class Merchandising and SEO for specific guidelines on formatting these components so they are optimized for discovery in Skillshare’s catalog and search engines.
    • If you would like to add an image or embedded media (i.e., a YouTube video) to your class or project description, click the Add Media button.
    • If you want to add resources to your project, such as a worksheet or project files, click the Attach a File button in that field.
  10. Below the project description field, use the dropdown menus to select the appropriate category and sub-category for your class topic. This is an important step in helping students find your class in Skillshare’s catalog.
  11. You'll also want to select a level for your class — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Levels. 
  12. After entering the class information, click Payment Info in the side menu to confirm that you are properly registered with Tipalti, the platform Skillshare uses to issue teacher payments. If not, refer to How do I edit my payout settings? for specific instructions.
  13. Do a final pass on all elements of your class to check for spelling and errors. Then, click the green Submit button to publish your class.
    • New classes go live immediately, but our Moderation team also reviews each new class within 72 hours and will reach out if there are any issues. Review Class Moderation to learn more about how classes are moderated on Skillshare.
    • After you submit, your class will be submitted for translation (all written content plus subtitles), which may take 24 to 72 hours after you submit it. Any student that follows you on Skillshare will receive an email notification that your class has launched after the translation process has been completed.